lauantai 19. huhtikuuta 2014


Day 28 A song you love because of its lyrics

Day 29 A song you love because of its video

Day 30 A older song you've only recently started listening to

Day 31 A song from somebody your friend introduced you to
Day 32 A song you've performed infront of people
Day 33 A song from any artist/band you've seen live
Day 34 A song from an artist/band you wish you could see live
Day 35 A song you love but used to hate
Day 36 A song from a band a family member introduced you to
Day 37 Your favourite Beatles song
Day 38 Your favourite cover of a song
Day 39 A song with a great music video
Day 40 A song that brings back amazing memories
Day 41 A song that brings back bad memories
Day 42 Your favourite 80's track
Day 43 Your favourite 90's track
Day 44 A song you play air guitar too
Day 45 Your favourite acoustic version of a song
Day 46 The first song you ever bought
Day 47 The only song you like by a band you otherwise hate
Day 48 A song you loved this time last year
Day 49 Your favourite love song
Day 50 Your favourite song of all time

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